360° IoT heating management solution for buildings decarbonization.

 Save 500.000 t CO2 by 2030 – with Innentech inside.

IoT connectivity for heating systems

Control of heating generation, distribution and usage

Energy management service platform

White-labeling for seamless integration

We are here for a mission

The world is suffering from climate change due to CO2 emissions and from resource scarcity induced rising energy costs.

Status Quo

Buildings produce CO2 emissions and consume energy significantly.

Heating is a major contributor, accounting for half of the energy consumed in buildings. However, current heating systems lack efficient and intelligent heat management, often operating in a simplistic “OFFLINE” mode. Manufacturers face challenges in developing sophisticated heat management solutions due to a shortage of expertise or resources. Additionally, typical heating controls fall short in meeting the unique requirements of manufacturers, failing to provide tailored solutions for their specific needs.

Our solution

Software-enabled most complete, efficient and user-friendly heat management technology platform across the entire heating chain.

Heat generation

Intelligently operate heating systems (e.g. heat pumps) to generate heating water in a most efficient way

Heat distribution

Proactively manage hot water distribution through floor heating and radiators according to set temperatures and presence in rooms

Heat management

Continuously monitor and optimize overall heating system based on collected data

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Our team - your experts

Our team of visionists, developers, engineers and great people

Dr. Elvis Mujagić
Dr. Elvis Mujagić CEO and co-founder
Former Siemens Manager. Developed and lead Smart Building business.
Dina Lasić Hasandić
Dina Lasić Hasandić COO and co-founder
Co-founded startup, as first producer of intelligent thermostats in the Balkan region.
Almin Hasandić
Almin Hasandić CPO and co-founder
Co-founded startup, as first producer of intelligent thermostats in the Balkan region.


We are happy to assist you in any matters of:

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  • Business opportunities
  • Custom-made solutions

Business Development

We are happy to assist you in any matters of:

  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Tech-related questions
Vanja Ćurin
Vanja Ćurin Advisor and co-founder
Founder of a project development firm for renewable energy.
Enrico Fantini
Enrico Fantini Business developer
Former corporate manager in the energy sector and founder.
Alem Lemeš
Alem Lemeš Advisory consulant
More than 10 years Smart Home experience at Comcast USA.
Belmin Lidjan
Belmin Lidjan Business developer
Years of business development and customer experience.

Advisory Board

Helmut Macht
Helmut Macht Former CTO Siemens
Building Technology
Barbara Fischer
Barbara Fischer Serial Entrepreneur
Founder of Arena Ventures AG
Malcolm L. Duerod
Malcolm L. Duerod Former VP JPMorganChase
Former Investment Analyst at Goldman Sachs

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